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Stats: 5’10”

Degree: Bachelor's, Aerospace Engineering, USC

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Have passport. Willing to travel

2010 - present
2010 - present


Growing up bi-lingual and Filipino-Chinese in his home town - the former British colony of Hong Kong - Anthony arrived in the USA to attend USC, earning a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering. He then worked in the Global IT industry for 15 years in California, Hong Kong, Texas, UK, Sweden, and South Africa. In 2010, he changed the course of his life to focus on his love to be an actor, director, and author.

His transformational journey was chronicled in his 2014 book "Stop Calling Me Jackie!" which went on sale on Amazon. He was also named a 2014 LaFilmPrize (Louisiana Film Prize) Top20 Filmmaker on his first ever film project which he wrote/directed/produced. In 2015, he finished in the Top5 in the Actor's #KnowMonologue Challenge. In 2016, he booked his first co-starring role on HBO's The Leftovers. Anthony also just finished his 5th film short and is now working on his first feature, Mekala. Also in the works with a fellow screenwriter is a new sci-fi drama feature film, code named, "Alien Shrink" (2017).


Anthony is represented by Landrum Arts LA and Linda McAlister Talent.

Full resume can be seen here on Actors Access.

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