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January 03, 2023

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The primary objective of Anthony's filmmaking journey has been to provide fellow actors with demo reel material. Many of his classmates were new to acting but many were also being asked for demo reel submissions for their own auditions. So in 2014, he wrote/directed/produced the film short "Flashback" to give each of the 15 actors involved their demo reel material.


One of his classmates would later suggest that the short be submitted to the largest film short contest in the country called the LaFilmPrize. That entry got into the final selection round and Anthony was awarded a 2014 Top20 LAFP Filmmaker plaque for being its director.

Since then he has written/directed/produced 4 other film shorts in the next 2 years, and is now currently, in 2017, working on his first feature and will again be casting his classmates at the Nancy Chartier Film Acting Studio.

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Mekala (2017)

Synopsis: Mekala's uneventful life takes a strange turn from the gambling addictions of a theatre director, the mafia, her love interest Ben (the bartender), the Woman In White (the badass assassin), and Tong (the villain).

Alien Shrink (2017)

Synopsis: Subsequent to an inter-galactic dispute, an investigator is sent down to Earth to prove the downward spiral of humanity leaves it a race not worth saving - that is until the investigator meets a teenager who changes his mind.

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Un-fortunate (2015)

Synopsis: The last time Fu was on a date, he accidentally set her hair on fire. This time, will he be able to use martial arts to save his skin?

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